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Written by Shannon Siebert

Quote of the Day—“I’m insanely speechless,” said Graham, when she got the good news. That is Ashley Graham, the plus size model, who found out she would be one of three covers chosen for the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. If you haven’t heard, her mother is Linda (Friesen) Graham a Henderson native and HCS graduate.

Daycare Dilemma 

THE STORY: Who’s watching the kiddos?

In Henderson right now it’s gotta be a few in-home licensed daycares, grandma, or anyone else who says yes to full or part-time babysitting duties. Our community has no licensed daycare facilities other than two licensed in-home and all the other folks who are watching less than four children in their homes. Anyone who has a need for some sort of child care can say, “We got a problem Henderson!” 

What does it mean to be LICENSED?

The State of Nebraska Law requires any individual who provides care to four or more children from different families at any one time to become licensed. The Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, issues four separate child care and preschool licenses. Currently Henderson has two licensed preschools—Bethesda Preschool (Bethesda Mennonite Church) and the TYKE program at Heartland Community School. 

A licensed child care center is a child care program that is licensed to provide child care for 13 or more children. That is missing in Henderson. Here’s the link if you want to read up on all the state rules & regs on child care. https://daycare.com/nebraska/nebraska-daycare-center-licensing-requirements.html

Repercussions of inadequate child care:

It definitely has adverse economic effects on our community. “Having adequate child care options is so important because if you don’t, your community is saying ‘goodbye’ to a lot of people who would choose to live or work here. They end up choosing other communities where finding child care is not so difficult,” said Henderson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kelsey Bergen.

The problem isn’t new to Henderson. The Henderson Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey addressing daycare back in 2014. Interestingly of those who participated in this 2014 survey, the larger number indicated they were using in-home child care (the 1-3 non-licensed variety).   


The good news is that a committee at the Bethesda Mennonite Church has been reviewing the possibility of developing a community child development center at their church according to committee member Steve Michel. This is no small undertaking and they are still exploring the costs and feasibility of offering quality child care that would be separate from their existing preschool program. Their efforts are certainly a step in the right direction! If and when Bethesda does go forward with their plans, hopefully the Henderson community will find ways to help support this much needed child care center.


What people are talking about… The annual German Band Smorgasbord is turning the BIG 60! Celebrate on Saturday, March 19, 5:00-7:30 PM satisfying all your cravings for VERENIKE, WORSCHT, KLUPTZ, PLUMA MOS, PLAUTZ, SCHNETYA, PLUMA MOS & MORE. Check out the menu & details at http://heartlandbeat.com/2016/02/60th-annual-german-smorgasboard-on-march-19/

What to say to your kids who are counting the days until schools out…

Wait a minute! Read the small print on the school calendar:  “The last day of school will depend upon the number of snow days used.” There were two to be exact back in February so Heartland Community School is not a wrap until May 19. Sorry— but those summer plans will have to wait a few days.

What if your BF is looking a bit skinny and sporting a new water bottle… Must be participating in the 2016 Henderson Health Care 12-week Wellness Challenge. It all started with weigh-ins in early January with 43 teams taking on the challenge! Teams of two could join up to lose weight and win prizes! Winning teams will be decided on percentage of weight lost and cash prizes will be awarded in three categories: men, women, and mixed.

It will end with final weigh-ins on March 28 & 29. But along the way, participants are eligible for monthly drawings for prize packages (Hydracoach water bottle, dumbbell set, 30 minute massage) if they submitted their own diet/fitness tips. The grand prizes (cash) will be awarded after the final weigh-ins to the top two teams in each category – men, women, and mixed.

Word for the day:  Bissextus

\bahy-SEKS-tuh s\


DEFINITION: February 29th; the extra day added to the Julian calendar every fourth year (except those evenly divisible by 400) to compensate for the approximately six hours a year by which the common year of 365 days falls short of the solar year.

Hip Hip Hooray! Henderson Health Care had a baby born on the bissextus this year!



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