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Church Calendars – April 5


Find out what’s going on this week at the following churches:

  • Bethesda Mennonite Church
  • Community Bible Church of Lushton
  • Countryside Bible Church
  • Crossroads Bible Fellowship
  • Faith Evangelical Bible Church
  • Living Hope Church
  • Stockham Community Church

Bethesda Mennonite Church
Pastor Andrea Wall
Pastor Seth Miller
Phone: 402-723-4562
Email: bethesda@mainstaycomm.net

All events at Bethesda Mennonite Church will be suspended until we can safely meet together again.  Sunday services will be live streamed only.  Please watch our website at www.bethesdamc.org for updates.

Community Bible Church of Lushton
Pastor Dr. Greg Koehn
205 Gilbert St. Lushton, NE
Phone: 402-724-2369

Due to the request of both Federal and State government, because of the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, we will be discontinuing our services on Sunday and all activities on Wednesday night until further notice.

We have an online recorded service that will be available through YouTube, a link that is available at this website.  It will be recorded and therefore available for viewing at any time.

Countryside Bible Church
904 S W Road
Hampton, NE 68843
Pastor Rod Goertzen
Phone: 402-725-3888
Website: http://countrysidebc.org

Watch the Countryside Worship Service Live Stream at http://countrysidebc.org/live-stream

During this time:

Sunday Morning Worship will be Live-Streamed at 10:15 a.m. We encourage you to watch at home. Sing along with Thomas while he leads us. There will be announcements and Scripture, followed by the message. 

The Wednesday Night Bible study will also be live streamed beginning at 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday. We will take break from Ecclesiastes and have a study in the Psalms. 

Sermon Notes available for download at http://countrysidebc.org

Our Mission: To teach and preach God’s word literally and systematically, verse by verse, to men as they are.

Crossroads Bible Fellowship
Pastor Peter Coon
1002 Road B
Phone: 402-723-4958
Website: http://crossroadsbiblehenderson.org

Sunday services will be on our Facebook Page. Sermon recordings are also available on the website.

Faith Evangelical Bible Church
Pastor: Bob Stretch
Youth Pastor Crale Swanson
Phone: 402-723-5888
Email: officefebc@mainstaycomm.net
Website: http://faithebc.net
“Like” us on Facebook at http://goo.gl/t4M96

All church gatherings are on hold till further notice.  Our worship service will be live streamed on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.  Past services are also posted and available for anyone to watch. 

To join our worship service, go to: http://faithebc.net/live

Living Hope Church
Pastor Luke Haidle
Phone: 402-723-5845
Email: office@livinghopehenderson.com
Website: http://www.livinghopehenderson.com

Church service in the sanctuary, Wednesday night activities, and other events at the church are cancelled for this week, unless posted otherwise.  Check Facebook and the church website for updates.

Join us online at www.livinghopehenderson.com. There you will find all the resources needed for home church: video link, video guide, song sheets, prayer guide and discussion questions, as well as a link for online donations.

Stockham Community Church
Pastor Paul Nauman
Associate Pastor Rick Bartek
409 Scott Street, Stockham, NE
Phone: 402-737-3333
Website: http://stockhamchurch.com/

Join us at 10:00 a.m. on the Facebook page for a live video. The sermon recording will also be uploaded to the website.


During this time, we will also add a devotion each week to the church schedules.

1 Peter 1:3 by Pastor Rick Bartek
“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”

Open a newspaper, flip on the TV, or visit the website of a news network, and the headlines are clear—something has gone terribly wrong.  Each medium testifies to the reality that our world is marked by immense tragedy.  The truth is that the headlines of our lives are not much different from that of the news.  We all live lives amongst the chaos that permeates through the torn fabric of the cosmos.  If we are honest and pay attention, we can feel our hearts groan along with the creation that has been subject to futility (see Romans 8:18-30).  This futility has left humanity searching for a hope to answer the deep questions of the soul.  The search of hope takes many people to many different places, but as Christians we testify that there is only one hope that is living.  

What does this mean for you personally?  What season of life do you find yourself in today?  Are you on a mountaintop or in the deep recess of a canyon?  Life takes us to both sights, but one thing that remains true through it all is that Jesus is Lord.  The Apostle Peter witnessed with his own eyes and conversed with the living and resurrected Christ.  This reality undergirds Peter as he writes his first letter.  In writing, Peter holds the goal to bring comfort to a church that had found themselves in the throws of the canyon, yet he calls them to “bless” God.  This word bless is the same word that we derive our word eulogy from.  Peter is calling these first century believers and us today to speak well of and to magnify God.  But how exactly are we do do this as we stand in the canyon or on the mountain?  

First, we speak well to God “according to His great mercy.”  Think for a moment about this. Our God looked at you and me, His enemies, not with contempt, but with love.  Jesus, the Good Shepherd, chased our after our dead wandering hearts that had been strangled by sin through our imprudently broken lives.  Through no merit of our own, He extend to us forgiveness and life.  Secondly, we look to our new life in Jesus.  Peter writes that He “caused us to be born again.”  Ezekiel 36 tells us that God has given us a new heart and spirit.  We are now no longer subject to our broken ways.  Sin and death no longer have the final enslaving word.  We are completely and utterly free.  And finally, we bless God by looking to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  In the resurrection of Jesus, we see our hope become alive. 

The good news of the Gospel transforms our view and gives new context to the season that we find ourselves in and because of God’s mercy and our new life through the resurrection of Jesus, we can join in singing the hymn which declares, “Living He loved me, dying He saved me, buried He carried my sins far away, rising He justified freely, forever, one day He’s coming —O glorious day!”



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