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Heartland Wraps Up First Sessions of Early Bird Basketball Program [PHOTOS]


At Heartland, we just concluded the first four sessions of our Early Bird Basketball Program. It was a resounding success with over 40 kids attending each session. This program was free to all Heartland students in 1st-6th grades. Our aim was to build the fundamental base of our students, increase participation in our sport, and motivate students to make basketball their passion.  We also taught a ‘life lesson’ during each session. I like the slogan, “Better People Make Better Huskies!”

Thanks to all the parents for your commitment to get your son/daughter to school for this program. I appreciate all the help from our adult volunteers who made these sessions a priority.
–From Coach Clark Ribble  
Volunteer Taylor Siebert also added, “Coach Ribble and I learned about this idea from Marty Hughes last basketball season. Marty was at Dundy County Stratton for a number of years and started the program down there and has done so at each school he’s been at. If you didn’t notice, the Dundy County Stratton Boys and Girls Basketball teams both made it to the State Basketball Tournament this past season. It’s not an accident that the successful programs across the state have opportunities for their students like this. A huge thanks is owed to Coach Ribble and Veerhusen for taking the time to help teach the fundamentals of basketball to the youth at Heartland Community Schools!”



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