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Football: Huskies Suffered Loss to Kenesaw [STATS]


After a seven game win streak, Heartland hosted a tough Kenesaw team on Friday night who also shared an undefeated record. In a windy game, the Huskies took the lead but were soon caught by the Blue Devils. Heartland took their first season loss to Kenesaw and ended the regular season with a 7-1 record. They will host Johnson-Brock on Thursday in the first round of the D1 State Football Playoffs.

Offense for Heartland – Rushing 193 yards; 127 passing yards
Offense for Kenesaw – Rushing 325 yards; 126 passing yards

L. Huebert: 11/14 for 127 yards, 2 TD

H. Oswald: 10 carries, 88 yards, 1 TD
L. Huebert: 12 carries, 79 yards, 2 TD
C. Boehr: 8 carries, 26 yards

H. Oswald: 4 catches, 86 yards, 2 TD
J. Stebbing: 5 catches, 29 yards
A. Buller: 1 catch, 14 yards
B. Mestl: 1 catch 0 yards

J. Stebbing: 2 receiving

Defense: Leading tacklers (solo): H. Oswald 14, J. Stebbing 13, C. Boehr 6, C. Oswald 4



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