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First Lady Susanne Shore to Join York County Coalition Relaunch Event on July 14


First Lady Susanne Shore to Join York County Coalition
Relaunch Event on July 14

(York) – On Friday, July 14, the York County Health Coalition (YCHC) will host a relaunch event from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Holthus Convention Center in York. First Lady Susanne Shore will be on hand to announce how York County will be part of a larger statewide prevention initiative and be part of a listening session as stakeholders will discuss York County’s well-being data and the coalition’s priorities for improvement. State Senator Mark Kolterman will also be attending the event to show his support for the Coalition.

York County Health Coalition believes that strong community partnerships are the key to safe, healthy, and successful lives for ALL people in the York area. That’s why the Coalition is committed to raising awareness and understanding, improving access to resources, and building relationships within communities of York County. The public is invited to this event to get up to speed on York County’s community well-being data, talk about collective impact, and take a deeper look at community involvement.

YCHC began in 1996 with the goal of improving the health status and quality of life for all people in York County. Out of the YCHC, Four Corners Health was developed. In 2008, a Service Array was undertaken which showed that York County statistics were worse than the state average in 4 out of the 10 indicators for child well-being (Infant deaths, births to teen moms, rate of juvenile arrests, and foster care rates). Recently the YCHC merged with the York Service Array to share resources. The Coalition today works to:

  • Build networks to find innovative solutions to improve the lives of children and families by coordinating efforts around clearly defined goals
  • Encourage long-term commitments by a group of community leaders from different sectors to a common agenda for solving specific problems
  • Create a collaborative structure that includes backbone support to guide the vision and strategy,  to support and align activities, to establish shared measurement practices and to build public will that advances policy and mobilizes resources
  • Coordinate work across agencies and programs to move outcomes, not specific programs.

The larger statewide prevention initiative, with Nebraska’s First Lady as its champion, promotes local community partnerships to keep children safe, support strong parents, and help families address challenges before they become a crisis. Among the partners of this initiative are Nebraska Division of Children and Family Services, Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Casey Family Programs, Prevent Child Abuse Nebraska and The Sherwood Foundation.

The First Lady and her state and local partners are encouraging communities to bring together the best individuals, resources and strategies to support children and families by:

  • Coordinating state and local services and funding to better identify and address family needs;
  • Reducing involvement in the child welfare, criminal justice and behavioral health systems;
  • Supporting and respecting parents as they raise healthy and resilient children, increase self-sufficiency and well-being;
  • Recognizing each community’s unique needs, strengths and resources; and
  • Sharing the latest data and evidence about what interventions work best.

There is no cost to attend this event, but it is asked that people register at: https://nebraskachildrenorg.presencehost.net/stay-current/event-calendar.html/event/2017/07/14/york-county-health-coalition-relaunch-event/164579



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