Home Living Extension Update from Megan Burda: Spring Clean Your Closet

Extension Update from Megan Burda: Spring Clean Your Closet


Spring Clean Your Closet

Spring is just around the corner! A change in the weather is a great motivator for a change in the closet. March is a perfect “transition month” to shift from winter sweaters to spring cardigans.

Getting Started:

Set aside time this month to go through your closet and pull out anything that you have not worn this winter. Also, set aside clothing items that do not fit properly or that are in disrepair.

Sort It Out:

After you have assessed your current closet inventory, sort the pieces that you pulled from your closet. Put them into the following categories: Keep, Mend, Sell, Toss.

Designate specific areas for each category, for example:

Keep – on the bed

Mend – in a laundry basket

Sell – in a box

Toss – in a trash bag

Category Definitions:

Keep – Any clothing item that you wear often, specifically within the last year or season.

Rule of thumb: If you have not worn it at least once in the past year, Sell or Toss it.

Mend – Clothing items that you have worn this past year but need some TLC. This pile could also include items that have potential for recycling or repurposing.

Sell – Clothing items that you have not worn recently or that do not fit and are in good condition.

Toss – Clothing items that are very worn and not appropriate to donate or recycle.

Clean It Up:

Now that you have done the sorting, it is time to do something with each pile. Everything in the Keep pile can be put back in your closet. This creates a great opportunity to reorganize. Flip your closet so that your spring clothes are toward the front for easy access and the winter clothes are in the back. Sort by color and style. This is a great way to take a clothing inventory. Do you notice that you have one or two dominant colors in your closet? Think about this as you are shopping for Spring and Summer.

The clothing in the Mend pile can be sorted into two sub-categories: Needs Alterations or Repurpose. Anything that needs alterations can be taken to a professional. In the repurpose pile, look for opportunities. T-shirts can be cut into dust rags. Socks can be put away for wood staining projects.

The Sell pile can be boxed up for a garage sale or taken to a local consignment store for potential cash back. Whatever does not sell or was not accepted at the consignment store should be taken to a local thrift store.

Anything in the Toss pile should be thrown out right away. There is no need to keep it once you have determined that it is appropriate to toss. 

Remember: Be honest with yourself about whether or not something really fits or if you have worn it in the past year.  Do not go back through the piles in an effort to “save” something. Go with your initial reaction and stick with it.



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