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Written by Shannon Siebert

Quote of the Day—“Nebraska is a very important place.”  Ted Cruz

That’s because Nebraska happens to be a ‘Winner-Take-All’ state—36 delegates to be exact. Since the GOP primary is getting pretty dicey, the Nebraska May 10 primary won’t be something to be glossed over but instead very important.   


THE STORY:  Get it stamped right HERE!
“Here” is our one and only Henderson Mennonite Heritage Park. That’s right! Of the 80 attractions on this year’s Nebraska State Tourism Passport program, folks can get their passport stamped at the Heritage Park. Travelers who sign up for their passport have from May 1-September 30 to visit any or all of the attractions and receive their stamp. 

Flavors of Nebraska
Flavors is one of the 10 themed tours and that’s the category the Heritage Park chose to highlight. Besides “flavoring” the early history of the sturdy Mennonites who immigrated to Henderson, visitors will TASTE it as well! FASPA that is— zwieback, bologna, cheese, sweet pickles, and apple preishka will be available to taste for Passport visitors. Originally the Mennonite Faspa tradition was meant for visiting Sunday afternoon guests, but today it can be sampled on open days at the park. 

It’s a Big Deal
“We are honored to have been chosen as one of the 2016 Passport Nebraska destinations. To be connected with the Passport program, working together as a team, increasing the number of visitors across our state, and sharing Nebraska’s unique stories is empowering. We look forward to sharing our Mennonite Heritage and telling our story,” said HHT President Suzanne Ratzlaff.

How Do I Get My Passport?
Passports can be obtained at any of the 80 stops on the program in May or pre-order by emailing info@NebraskaPassport.com with name, mailing address, and number of passports requested.  There is no charge to participate but their are some pretty nifty PRIZES depending on how many stamps you accumulate. Visit their website for all the details: www.nebraskapassport.com

Being included in the Nebraska Passport program is a winner for Henderson’s local tourist attraction! It means more out-of-towners will be visiting the Heritage Park but it also means more volunteers will be needed to accommodate them. Henderson Heritage & Tourism is looking for more local volunteers who can help meet & greet the expected increased number of Heritage Park visitors. Contact Marj Smith at 402-723-5793 if you would like to volunteer to assist for a few hours a week.


What people are watching….I’ve witnessed more than one Henderson resident try and peek through the paper blocking the windows on the former Dutch Kitchen to see what’s going on!  Everyone’s wondering what changes are being made and when it will open. According to the new owner Janet Miller, the expected opening date is sometime in May with a brand new name and fresh look. 

“PERKS will be a coffee/cake/cafe combo. I’ve been baking and decorating cakes for the last seven years in my spare time for just friends and family, and have always wanted my own shop. I will be taking orders and have a few things on hand during the week. The cafe will feature some of the same items as before, but with some additions of different entrees,” said Miller.   

Just to whet your whistle, check out her goodies and the latest news on the PERKS Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JPERKSLLC/?fref=ts

What to think about when the weather is lousy…..Only 42 more days (Woo-Hoo!) May 30 until the Henderson Aquatic Center opens www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=henderson%20aquatic%20center

What to say to people who have already seen the movie “Revenant”… If you liked the gruesome grizzly bear fight scene, horse gutting and bloody buffalo gorging, you’d love this book!   “Undaunted Courage: Meriweather Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West” by Stephen Ambrose. It’s an excellent hair-raising account of the infamous Lewis & Clark expedition across the country.

Word for the day:  Incessant
DEFINITION: unceasing, continuing without interruption

The wind has been incessant around here for far too long!



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