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Elementary Student of the Month – September 2014


September Students of the Month:

  • Kindergarten-Thiesen: David Hiebner and Amanda Massey
  • Kindergarten-Peters: Miles Kliewer and Maddie Janzen
  • 1st Grade-Steever: Zeck Dennis
  • 1st Grade-Ratzlaff: Mia Hiebner
  • 2nd Grade-Goff: Creighton Friesen
  • 3rd Grade-Crouch: Allie Boehr
  • 4th Grade-Hiebner: Lilly Carr
  • 5th Grade-Maltsberger: Aaron Goertzen
  • 6th Grade-Veerhusen: Cassidy Siebert

IMG_20141002_092654From these students, Zeck Dennis was selected to be interviewed for the Elementary Student of the Month.

Zeck Dennis is a 1st grader this year in Mrs. Steever’s class at Heartland Community Schools. In the classroom, they are learning all about animals and currently focusing on spiders. Zeck was excited to share about some of the animals that join their class including a lionhead rabbit, a turtle, a waterbug, tadpoles, a chinchilla, and a bunny.

Without hesitation, he told me his favorite subject in school is math because he is figuring out numbers much better than he used to. He also enjoys art class and library time.

Outside of school, Zeck has fun by playing baseball, basketball, and kicking around a soccer ball. He also claims to be an expert hider when playing hide and seek.

At only six years old, he is unsure what he wants to be someday, but he is thinking of possibly being a teacher.

Congratulations to Zeck and all of the elementary students selected!



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