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Meet Our Newest Sponsor: Henderson Irrigation

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We are excited to announce our newest sponsor, Henderson Irrigation. They are partnering with Heartland Beat to help deliver online news and more to the Henderson and Bradshaw area. Learn more about this company in the following article.

It was always a desire of Jason Siebert to own his own business in the Henderson Community. He saw business ownership as a great avenue to aid a community he and his wife Amber care deeply about. On December 31, 2012, this goal became a reality for them when the couple purchased Henderson Irrigation from Steve Buller.

Jason had been working at Henderson Irrigation for five years, and Amber had also been there for a year. This experience and familiarity with the business equipped them in the transition process. Jason and Amber kept the same staff and also hired on some new help. They currently have 10 employees who comprise office help, three pivot crews, and one pump crew.

Henderson Irrigation is a Valley Dealer Specialist providing irrigation products and services. They pull and install landroller pumps, do pivot repair and service, and also sell pivot parts, fuses, gaskets, electric motors, and irrigation batteries. It is the company’s priority to provide excellent customer service in a timely and orderly manner.

While this time of year is a busy season for irrigation companies, because of recent area storms and severe damage to pivots, it has caused a surge in business for the Henderson Irrigation. Although the intense storms were a very unfortunate occurrence, Amber commented, “We are trying to give those dealing with the loss our best service as quickly as possible.”

After a year and a half of business ownership, Jason and Amber are settling in well. They take pleasure in being able to give back to the community just as they had hoped for. Amber said with a smile, “Jason especially enjoys talking to and working with the customers.” Wherever he goes, he can often be found in conversation with area farmers.

If you happen to see Jason or Amber Siebert despite their current hectic business season, tell them thank-you for their support of the community through HeartlandBeat.com.

You can learn more about Henderson Irrigation by visiting their website at http://www.hendersonpivots.com/.

If you are interested in being a sponsor on HeartlandBeat.com, please contact us at news@heartlandbeat.com



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