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Supporting A Very Worthy Cause [EDITORIAL]

Marcia Regier is President of the Henderson Health Care Services Jr. Auxiliary

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Several definitions, listed in Mifflin’s Student Dictionary, state the meaning of support as the ability to provide for or maintain by supplying with money or other necessities; and to aid the cause of by approving, favoring, or advocating.

Originally formed in September of 2004, the Henderson Health Care Services, Inc. Junior Auxiliary is a group of hard working young women whose purpose, as defined in their bylaws, is to promote and advance the welfare of the facility through service and fundraising activities which enable them to purchase needed equipment or provide funds for renovation projects.

Currently, annual activities planned by the group include a scrapbooking night, the sale of homemade ice cream at the Henderson Home Show, a spa night in memory of one of our original members Renae Epp, a fun run 5K/10K called the Jr. Aux. Jaunt during Henderson Community Days, the sale of Christmas cookies during the December Noodle Soup Supper, served by the Senior Auxiliary group, as a kick off to the local community holiday season and the sale of breastfeeding coverlettes for new moms.

Meetings for the group are held monthly, on the third Monday, at 7:00 p.m. in the basement conference room of the Henderson Family Care Clinic.  Kathryn Goertzen, Secretary, reports that meetings are usually only one hour in length, “because all members are very organized, goal oriented people who know how to get things done.” She adds, “It has been a great opportunity to meet new people, be a positive reinforcement for a wonderful facility, provide community good will, and gain friends who share a common purpose.”

This non-profit organization has completed such projects as painting and supplying furniture for the doctors’ offices in the new clinic and hospital waiting room, the renovation of the Care Center Hair Salon, a framed print for the Family Care Clinic, a phlebotomy chair for the lab draw room, a blanket warmer, and the most recent addition of a Hospitality Room offering snacks, a variety of drinks and crushed ice for patients and families at the hospital. The ongoing donation of gifts bags for newborns has been a fun promotional avenue for both the Senior and Junior Auxiliaries. Supplying the contents are local vendors including the Heartland Schools, Henderson State Bank, Cornerstone Bank, Henderson Foodmart, Shannon’s Embroidery, Cats Cradle Photography, Community Blood Bank, Women’s Fellowship from Bethesda Church, and Henderson Health Care Services, Inc.

The Junior Auxiliary is willingly and voluntarily in the act of supporting a very worthy cause in the Henderson Health Care Services, Inc. facilities. If it weren’t for the continued support of this group, the community and the surrounding area we would not be blessed with such an important staple of human need as the quality health care that we currently enjoy.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in supporting the Henderson Health Care Services, Inc. in an action oriented group, as the Junior Auxiliary is, please call Marcia Regier at 402-723-4839 or email her at mmmm@mainstaycomm.net.



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