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HeartlandBeat Partners with the Henderson City Recreation Department


We’re happy to announce that HeartlandBeat.com will be partnering with the Henderson City Recreation Department by helping them communicate to coaches, players, and parents about any cancellations regarding baseball and softball games this summer.  Due to the large amount of people who need to be informed about any weather delays or postponing a game we hope that this will provide a quick and easy way for people to check for updates.

How do I get updates?

The primary tool that will be used to communicate with people will be through the HeartlandBeat Twitter account.  This will provide anybody the opportunity to get on the internet via computer or phone by going to the following link http://twitter.com/heartlandbeat (You do not have to have a Twitter account to view these updates).  Once you click the link you will see a stream of posts and an alert if there is a game that has been postponed.  If you are on Facebook we will also be providing updates on the HeartlandBeat Facebook page at http://facebook.com/HeartlandBeat.

We hope that this continues to help improve the communication and speed of letting people know about any games being postponed due to the weather conditions.

Please let us know if you have any questions by going to our Contact Us page or call the City Hall at 402-723-4228.



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