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With ‘Square’ Start Accepting Credit Cards



As more and more of us use a Debit and/or Credit card, the more useful ‘Square’ is.  ‘Square’ is a great resource for small businesses looking to accommodate the needs of their customers.

Square enables anyone to become their own merchant.  No longer do you have to have a phone line, credit card machine, rolls of paper, etc. As long as you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device and an Internet connection, you can accept all major credit cards using ‘Square.’  Whether you run a local Beauty shop or restaurant, you have the ability now with Square to accommodate those customers that don’t carry cash with them all the time.

The reason why ‘Square’ has received so much publicity since their company was founded in 2009 by Jim McKelvey and Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder) is because it’s simple.  There are no complicated contracts, extra equipment you have to haul around, costly monthly fees or merchant account required.  Signing up is free as well as the card reader that plugs into a phone or iPad.  Square makes its money on transactions.  They take a cut of your transactions, which run 2.75% + 15¢ per swiped transactions.  That’s it.  

If your interested in testing this product out for your business, please feel free to contact me at taylor.siebert@gmail.com or 402-617-2000. I can help you set it up.



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