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Warmer Weather Coming Your Way


Don’t get me wrong, I do like wintertime as it brings many things to look forward to such as basketball season, Christmas, family gatherings, a New Year, sledding, and much more.  However, experiencing the last few extremely frigid days I think it’s only right that it is predicted to be 50 degrees everyday next week starting on Sunday, February 13th.
The winter has again proved to be quite brutal as of late causing school closings, events being cancelled, and making travel plans nearly impossible. The snow itself isn’t that bad but when combined with below zero temperatures and wind gusts up to 35 mph it is not good combination.
Even though we have so many wintertime activities to look forward to–I for one am ready for some warmer weather.  According to weather.com that is exactly what is on deck for us in the Henderson/Bradshaw area (see picture below).  So I ask, are you still enjoying winter or are you ready for warmer weather and itching to get outside to do something? Let us know by commenting below.  Thanks!

Taylor Siebert




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