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Welcome to HeartlandBeat.com!

New to town and new to you!  Since our recent move to Henderson aka, God’s country, we really wanted to figure this town out and then, well, tell you about it.  Since my husband, Taylor, grew up here, he has a bit of the inside scoop.  Myself, on the other hand, it’s a whole new ballgame.  We love this area and really want to get involved.  So, we have teamed up, in more than just marriage.  We have now become…business partners!! AAAAHHHH!  But truthfully, we are so excited to incorporate Taylor’s knowledge and experience in social media, web design and just an honest love for technology with my pure honest love and gift of ‘the gab’ to keep the town and surrounding area informed on what’s going on around you.  We will be bringing the latest scoop to you easily and conveniently right here on the site.  You will find anything from scores, stats and pictures of the latest high school games, to what’s going on around town, things to do, people to see and so much more.  Please add our site to your favorites and check us out each day to see what’s new.  We want to be involved in the community and we also want you to be involved with this site, which is why you can comment right back to the articles, pictures, etc. anytime!  So, we are here and here to stay.  Again, save us to your favorites, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter…and if you don’t understand this sentence at all, just come on back to this site: http://heartlandbeat.com and see what’s new!  More information is on its way!





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